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Potter CO-1224 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Quick Overview

UL listed to Standard 2075
12 or 24 VDC power input
Low current draw
85dB at 10' sounder
Form C alarm and trouble relay
Self-testing device
Wall or ceiling mount
Operating temperature range: 40F - 100F (4.4C - 37.8C); 15% - 95% RH
14-22 AWG terminal size
Contact rating: 0.1A - 30VDC non-latching

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that is present whenever organic compounds are involved in combustion. Many homes utilize either propane, natural gas or wood for heat and cooking purposes and the burning of these fuels produce CO. A malfunctioning appliance or flue will fill a space with this toxic gas completely unknown to the occupants. The Potter CO 12/24 utilizes the premium CO detection technology for accurate detection and false alarm immunity. The CO 12/24 will only respond to the presence of CO and will not react to other ordinary household chemicals that affect other detectors. When the CO is detected, an 85 decibel sounder and the alarm relay activate to indicate the presence of CO. The sounder can be silenced for four (4) minutes by pushing the Reset button.
Manufacturer Potter
Service & Support 1 year
Colour White
Advanced Features The CO 12/24 operates on 0-28 VDC supplied by an intrusion or fire system. The device emits a Temporal 4 pattern when the presence of CO is detected. In addition to monitoring for tampering, the detector also monitors the sensor and detects if an internal problem exists. If a fault occurs within the detector, the trouble/service a horn activates and the trouble relay. This monitoring feature also complies with the sensor end-of-life requirement. The CO 12/24 has a 6 year life span. After 6 years, the detector needs to be replaced.
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