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Yealink CP960 Conference Phone

Isn't it time you amped up your conferencing capabilities?

Optimize your conference room with Yealink's latest conference phone - the Yealink Optima HD IP Conference Phone, CP960. Running on the power of the Android 5.1 operating system, this user-centric model combines a clean, sleek design with high-end functionality. Meet the conference phone that's perfect for any team environment.

Yealink CP960 top

A User-Centric Design

This will look sharp on your conference table.

As the flagship conference phone for Yealink, the CP960 is designed with with the user in mind. With it's Y as in Yealink shape, it sports a 5-inch multi-touch screen with 720x1280 resolution. Easily navigate through the phone's setting or quickly add a party to the conference call - all with one simple touch.

Yealink CP960+CPW90

An Abundance of Audio Options

Audio is at the forefront of features for this conference phone. The CP960 sports Optima HD Voice and...
Get more out of your Yealink CP690 by adding on the CPW90 wireless mic or CPE90 wired mic. Learn more now.

We didn't forget all those other features, too.

The Yealink CP960 gives you everything else you want and crave in a conference phone solution. It's easy to add attendees to your conference with a tap of the touchscreen. Add up to five parties, including yourself.
Yealink CP960 - features
The Active Speaker feature allows you to easily recognize who is speaking during the meeting, too. No guessing games. You can also hold a hybrid UC meeting by merging your smartphone, PC/tablet, and IP conference phone into one call.

And if you're looking to use the phone in a large training room, turn up the volume by connecting the CP960 to an external loudspeaker via the 3.5 mm audio-out port.

10 Reasons to Choose the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone

It is no surprise how important conference calls are for a business. Conference calls allow people in different geographical areas to essentially “meet” with one another via a telephone. Associates can resolve urgent matters, collaborate on projects, and utilize the input and skill sets of many individuals. But, a conference call is only as good as the conference phone a business is using. That is where the Yealink CP960 steps in.

Many have come to know and love Yealink’s innovative products, which rank high in ease of use and are extremely feature rich. The Yealink CP960 is no exception. With the newest conference phone from Yealink, businesses will greatly facilitate their vital communications. Why should you and your customers upgrade to the CP960?

1. You’ll hear all participants as if they are in the same room
The new Yealink CP960 boasts crystal clear audio quality. This is all thanks to Yealink’s Optima HD Voice technology, as well as acoustic technologies from Harmon, which enable conversation sounds natural and bright. This conference phone will stand out amongst the competition in regards to voice/audio.

2. Background noise is a thing of the past
The CP960 integrates Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology, which effectively eliminates annoying background noise during a conference call.

3. You can walk around while speaking with no problem
Yealink CP960If you want to walk around the conference room while talking, go ahead and do so. The CP960 owns a 20 foot and 360-degree voice pickup range. Need even more range? Add on the CPW90 wireless microphones, which adopt DECT technology, and you will be able to audio-capture distances up to 20 meters.

4. The screen is bigger and more colorful than ever
One of the design highlights of the CP960 is the beautiful and bright 5-inch full-color touchscreen. It ensures a smooth operation and better experience. Screen information is readily available at a glance and it places phone control at your fingertips.

5. It is effortless to figure out who is speaking during the conference
The Yealink CP960 creates a “virtual meeting room” with the Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room. In the Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room, you can create a meeting directly and invite or allow someone to join an ongoing meeting. With the Active Speaker feature, you can easily recognize who is speaking throughout the meeting. You will not have to play guessing games anymore.

6. You can utilize different devices with the CP960
The CP960 enables the Hybrid UC Meeting for extra convenience. Whether you want to make a softphone call on a PC or a mobile phone call, you can route the call to the CP960. You can simply do this via the USB port or Bluetooth to join or invite conference participants easily.

7. You can add third-party apps to the CP960
Because the Yealink CP960 has adopted Android OS, you can easily integrate third party apps. This will enrich its usability based upon fulfilling additional needs that rely on extra apps.

8. The phone is easy to set up
IT departments will be thankful for the CP960 because of how simple it is to setup. This plug-and-play model is extremely easy to deploy, simple to use, and will save your IT department (and you) time for other tasks.

9. Extra features allow for extreme flexibility
There are many additional features that the CP960 sports, including a 10-hour local call recording, built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

10. You will save money, which is always important
This conference phone will enhance your remote communications to such a high degree that you will be able to cut out some meetings that involve travel. You will save on travel costs, enhance communication efficiency and protect ROI, all at a price that is quite affordable.
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